Prices are quoted on an individual basis and can vary from size and difficulty. 



  • "What type of wood do you use?"
    Kiln dried Basswood, Maple, Birch, Poplar all work well for wood burning. I generally use Basswood round cuts varying in size from 1.5" for necklace pendants to 11" wall mount plaques. 7"-9" basswood cuts are the most popular for portraits. 
  • "What can I have wood burned?
    I am comfortable with wood burning pet portraits, human portraits, wild animals, and text
  • "How long does it take?"
    All wood burns are done completely by hand. On average a portrait will take approx. 40 hours to create. I would prefer  you provide me with the image you want burned 1 month prior to the time you need it done by. 
  • "Do you use laser engraving?"
    No! All wood burns are done completely by hand with a heated tool that is similar to a pen.
  • "Is there a sort of picture that works best?"
    Yes, a clear non-fuzzy picture with lots of contrast will give the best results. The more clear details I can see in the picture, the better the outcome will be.
  • "Can I have more than one person in the picture?"
    Yes. However, keep in mind the more people you have in a picture, the smaller the working area becomes and less details are able to be put in. Its generally best to work with one subject in the picture. 
  • "What if I don't have a clear picture, do you provide photography?"
    Yes, I am able to provide photography for an additional cost.
  • "How do you accept payment?"
    Cash, E-mail Money Transfer, PayPal, Bank Draft, Certified Cheque. If you are local to Calgary, I can accept  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery. You need to be present to authorize the credit card transaction. 
  • "Is shipping included in the price?"
    Shipping is quoted on an individual basis and separate from the cost of the wood burn.